Friday, November 18, 2011


“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,

and all these things will be given to you.”

Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

Jesus spoke to the people on the mountain top. He told them how to insure their relationship with God in order to be victorious over worry.

He also speaks to us about this ‘joy stealer’ of modern life. We have certain issues in these times that cause us to become anxious-stretching our income to allow us to get through until the next paycheck, maintaining peace with those who chose not to understand our way of living, and raising our children or grandchildren.

Jesus tells the crowd to search for God’s rule and a strong relationship with Him. We develop this tie with Him through receiving His salvation and learning to trust Him.

In today’s world, we hunt for a lifestyle that satisfies. But we have to realize that life isn’t always about us. Once we learn that, we can refrain from the angst of our time.

As we learn of Jesus, we discover we can trust Him for every aspect of our lives. He tells the crowd and us to turn to Him first when difficulties confront us.

When we seek Him first, we are telling Jesus that we know He has the answer, and we trust Him for the outcome. By seeking the Lord first don’t we give Him praise and thanks that we know He is there for us, no matter the challenge?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Telling About Myself

My blogging friend, Rhonda, over at The Natives are Getting Restless, awarded me the Tell Me About Yourself award. She requested I share some facts about myself. I usually find this difficult. But these are some of the things that make me who I am.

Seven things about myself:

1.) I am an only child. When people find that out, I say one of two things. Either I say something like “Yes, I am one of those spoiled onlys.” But, I really wasn’t spoiled, just well loved. (The other thing I might say.) Just for the record, my dad was technically an only child as well. (But, he was raised with some cousins.) So, that means, I am an only; was brought up by an only and reared an only.

2.) I have a collection of china mugs from the places we have traveled to. In the past few years, our son has added to it. I even have one from Austria that Hubby gave a friend money to bring it back to me when she accompanied her neighbor on a trip.

My collection on display for others to enjoy.

3.) I love mysteries, reading them and watching them on TV. Perry Mason, Alfred Hitchcock, Ben Matlock, and Jessica Fletcher are some of my favorites.

4.) The police shows get my attention. It fascinates me to see how they ‘follow the evidence’ and find the perpetrator and a lot of times it’s not who I thought.

5.) I enjoy spending time with close friends. Sometimes my spending time may be just a telephone conversation. I am currently working in Children’s Ministries at our yoked churches. My part in this project is to portray Mary’s neighbor in Nazareth in a skit. This neighbor doesn’t believe that Jesus is who He is.

6.) Because of a caffeine sensitivity, I have to forego coffee, real tea, any cola, Barques Root Beer, anything with caffeine. I do like Dad’s, A&W, and Mug root beers. I also like lemonade, hot spiced cider and herbal tea. My current choice of candy is Lindor white chocolate truffles. Hubby has forbidden them in our house until Christmas-they are too good and too much of a temptation.

7.) I like to watch old movies, especially those I have seen before. I watch them to see if I can learn something different about the story or how the writers and directors have created it. Last night, we watched a movie from 1942. It was interesting seeing Carol Lombard, Jack Benny and a young Robert Stack play their roles.

I pass this award on to these wonderful blog writers.

1.) Dawn @ Beneath The Surface Dawn writes spiritual truths in a way that brings God’s Word to enlighten me in new ways.

2.) Glenda @Journey to Publication: I admire Glenda for her transparency. I know she is sincere in her thoughts.

Monday, November 14, 2011

What Makes Us Want To Give Thanks?

God acts in our behalf. What He does takes a worry from us. He answers our prayers. We all know that God can respond to our petitions in one of three ways. He can say, ‘Yes’ and grant what we ask for. Or he replies, ‘No’ and deny our request. Sometimes, his answer is ‘Not now.’

When our son was in Kindergarten, all they toys he wanted for Christmas were things that he was too young to have. Now, as parents, Hubby and I chose more age appropriate items. Son didn’t say anything to us about why he didn’t get what he asked for. He did ask his grandmother about it. (She had him on a fairly regular basis.) She told him that he might have been too young for what he wanted. The next fall, Hubby surprised Son with one of the toys he had wanted and explained that, yes, he was too young for it the previous Christmas and we didn’t want to see him get hurt by it.

There are times when God doesn’t answer in the way or ways we ask; He chooses to let His will be done as He sees fit. All these actions merit our thanks because He protects us and acts in our best interest.

Let’s reflect on our requests that God said “Not now” about.

Did God eventually honor those requests?

Did we find ourselves growing closer to Him at any time while we waited?

Was it an experience we gave thanks for?

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