Friday, September 28, 2012

The Unseen Follower


As I read Shirley Corder’s blog post, Cyber Visitors, she referred to the day she noticed she had a reader whose location was cyberspace- probably a satellite provider. She began thinking of an unknown reader of a different sort, the One who reads our every thought. She reminded me of the fact that we gain some knowledge of our followers and a bit about their location and maybe their families.

Another blogging friend, Gina Burgess, at refreshmentrefuge. wrote a paper-blogging-is-new-town- for her college class that pointed out that all bloggers really don’t know who will read their essays. A lot of bloggers have what we call followers- readers who are interested in our blog. These readers return to our blog pages regularly.

I have the same thought about my weekly online column. I know of one person who told me he has read my thoughts on God’s Words for US. to Live As You can imagine my surprise as I heard my pastor say something complimentary about an article I had written.

Shirley’s words set me to thinking about that Follower that every Christian believer has. Yes, our Leader can also be our Follower. When we follow Him, He guides us through the difficulties of life. When He follows us, He gives strength when we need it. You know His name- His name is Jesus.

Jesus follows us throughout each day. He sits with us in the ICU waiting room as we sit with a friend’s family. He accompanies us as we pay respects to a family that is in grief. Our Lord listens in as we hear the report from the surgeon. (Christ Jesus traveled with our family when we took our son to all those check-ups at the children’s hospital over the years.)

I have a friend who recently asked a doctor who was going to do a procedure on her if he believed in prayer. His answer was “Yes I do, I pray before I work on every patient.” God had orchestrated for her to have a doctor who believed in the power of prayer

I am more convinced than ever that we should be more mindful of our unseen Follower as we go through our days. How do you feel about knowing that Jesus is following you and me around as we gp through life?


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