Tuesday, February 26, 2019

February Reflections

What good thing can I say about February? The only thing I can think of is that it is short. People are tired of the winter weather, snow, ice, freezing rain-sometimes all in one day. We have a good weather day and six days of weather to remind us it is still winter.

I have been praying for something for a while. I felt the need to share my concerns with our Sunday school teacher. He asked me to prepare a list of names of people directly involved in a decision that will affect all of those in our local church and the church at large and share them with the class so that each class member pray for one person by name. God led me to ask him to talk to the teacher of the other adult class to see if that class would want to pray as well.

I have been adapting a script from a play I wrote into interviews for Lenten Blogs.

One night, when I really couldn’t sleep, I found myself talking to God about the phrase, “What would Jesus Do?” I found myself asking it with different emphases. I realized that following morning that I could use that on my blog and in my column, I contribute online.

Our friend group met in January, we only had four of us. For February, we met on what turned out to be a good-weather day. We had eight ladies. One younger lady, whose mother and grandmother came, also came to join us. One of the women there told us that a couple who moved to the northern part of our state said that when the weather breaks, they will join us one day.  
                                                            Grandma and granddaughter

                                             The lady in the light blue is the daughter/mother of the ones in                                                   the earlier picture. The lady in the darker blue is the         
                                            one who gets us all together each month.

                                                   The lady on the left (print top) works a few hours a day at the                                                       school in her town. 

                                                         This lady usually sees the bright side to things. 

Our UMC denomination has scheduled a Special General Conference that may have major changes in our doctrine. (Today is the last day of the main meeting,) Just before this meeting, our Pastor announced his retirement from the denomination. At this time, we are unsure as to when our pastor will leave us. These two events caused several of us to spend quantity time in prayer and in Bible study.

If you remember, my word for 2019 is faith. I must say, God either knew what He was doing when He allowed me to choose it or He exercised His sense of humor. 

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