Friday, March 8, 2019

An Interview with Pontius Pilate, part 2


Today, we continue with our visit with Pontius Pilate. Let's begin.

Q.S.: What were your thoughts about Him? Did anyone in your palace offer any advice as to what to do?

Pilate: When this Jesus stood before me and didn’t respond to my questions, I was amazed. I was torn between what the Jews wanted and the fact that I saw nothing that told me He was guilty of those charges. Then my wife sent me a message. She had experienced a sleepless night She told me not to condemn this man, Jesus. I found it strange. I wasn’t aware she even knew Him.

Q.S.: What was your alternative plan?

Pilate: I offered to let him go in exchange for another criminal. It was the custom for the governing authorities to release one being held in custody during Passover. The crowd said no, (shakes head) they wanted Barabbas, a rebellious thug, A REBELLIOUS THUG, freed...I was desperate, I HAD TO DO AS THE CROWD WANTED.

Q.S: Did you have any options?

Pilate: I had a job to do. If I let Jesus go, it would mean my post. I’d get called back to Rome and would be at my superior’s mercy. I HAD NO CHOICE. I ordered this Jesus scourged. The soldiers mocked him and his claim. After they were through with him. I brought him out before the crowd again. I felt sorry for this Jesus.

Q.S. How did the crowd react to seeing Jesus?

Pilate: The moment the chief priests and the scribes saw him, they shouted, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” The rest of the crowd joined in. I declared I found no charge against him—in my sight, he was innocent. I told them they could take him and crucify him themselves. I wanted no part in this.

Q.S.: On what did they base their desire?

Pilate: Those Jews were hard to deal with; they wanted this Jesus dead. They claimed they have a law saying he must die because he has claimed to be the Son of God. I went inside again and questioned this Jesus. He chose not to answer. His not speaking frustrated me. He seemed unconcerned even though I had the power to either let him go free or crucify him.
Q. S.: How did He respond to your questions?

 Pilate: He had told me any power I had, came from above. And those who had handed him over were guilty of a greater sin. I tried very hard to give him back to the Jews, but they didn’t want him. They wanted him crucified. I had no recourse. I had to do as they insisted. I believed he was speaking the truth- he was the Son of God.

Q. S.: Looking back, what was your reason for turning Jesus over to the crowd?

Pilate: Three times I told the Jews of Jesus’ innocence. I couldn’t understand why these people wanted to kill him. But they could make trouble for me with my superiors in Rome. I had to do as the people wanted.

Q.S.: Thank you for stopping by, Pontius Pilate, and for giving us this insight.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

An Interview with Pontius Pilate, part 1


Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. This year, we will be receiving visits from Biblical people who were involved in the story of Christ's last days on our earth. A few of these will be shared with you in two parts. 

Quiet Spirit: Hello! We have with us today Pontius Pilate. governor of Judea from 26 to 36 A. D. One year during the Jewish Passover, he had the task of presiding over the decision-making process dealing with Jesus Christ. Welcome, Pontius Pilate to Following My King.
Pontius Pilate: Thank you for inviting me to share my story.
Q.S.: This must have been a stressful time for you. What was the first thing you saw that told you this would be a difficult time?
Pontius Pilate: I looked out onto the street, I saw a mob of people heading to my palace. I thought, “Oh, no. Here comes a crowd of soldiers with that man Jesus. A lot of the Jews follow Him.” They could not enter my palace; if they did the Jewish Law would say they were unclean. Then they would not be able to partake of their Passover Feast. I had to go out to them. If I didn’t take care of this properly, my superiors in Rome would send someone to replace me and I would have to go back to Rome or worse.
Q.S.: How did the people of Jerusalem respond to you?
Pilate: Now keep in mind, the Jewish people did not like me. The city of Jerusalem needed a way to transport water from its source into their city. Their funds were low. I made what you would call an executive decision and ordered the priest to give me the funds in their treasury to cover the cost of this project. The people had the notion that I stole that money from them. I lived with the possibility that these Jews could go to Rome with their story and cause me to be recalled to Rome and placed in a lesser post or worse.
Q.S.: What was the reaction of the people to Jesus? How did you find Jesus? Did anything about what He said puzzle you?
Pilate: These people did not care about this man Jesus. In my conversation with him, he said this was the reason he was born. He said he was a king and he was here to testify to the truth. This stunned me, I found myself asking, “WHAT IS TRUTH?” I found no reason to charge him. I did not find him guilty of anything of which the crowds accused him.
Q. S.: Why did they have to consult you about Jesus and the charges they brought?

When the Roman government overcame the people of Judea and took over their land, Rome relieved them of their power to inflict capital punishment on those they took to trial.  I tried three times to turn this Jesus over to them so they could do what they wanted with him. 

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