Wednesday, July 16, 2008

People Watch Us

In today's mail, I found an invitation to a wedding. The bride is the daughter of a friend of mine who we lost to Cancer. The mother died early last December. The mother and I first became acquainted when I worked at a small community library.
One week she came in and told me,"I saw you at church Sunday."
My first thought was, ' Was I behaving myself?'
We became friends through her interest in reading. She usually sat in a row a couple of seats behind me and to my right. When the church relocated, she and those who sat with her took up the same area of the new sanctuary. (We humans are such creatures of habit.)

Early in 2007, I started missing this friend. She wasn't at church and didn't come into the library. The next time I saw her, I told her I had been missing her. She told me she had Lymphoma. She seemed to improve until we started noticing things late last summer and into the fall.
She told me her daughter was seeing someone. My friend told me she thought this was the one for her daughter. But, she wasn't going to push anything.
In today's mail was this invitation to the daughter's wedding. At the bottom of the invitation was a computer-generated note. "This invitation is being sent in accordance with (her mother's name) wishes.

While we weren't really close friends. We only shared one meal together
and when I called her, it was in my work capacity. I felt humbled and honored she would want me to share in the happy occasion of her daughter's wedding.
I don't know what she saw in me. But I am blessed she walked along the path of Christ with me.

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