Quiet Spirit's GDPR Statement

GDPR Compliance:

The European Union has created a law called General Data Protection Regulation. Anyone worldwide who does business with a resident of the European Union has to comply with its requirements. Doing business includes sharing information via blogs.
My GDPR Statement:

1.) I do not nor have not knowingly shared email addresses or any personal information of my readers or followers. Nor will I do so. I do not store any information on my computer about their visits to my blog site.

2.) I have never used an email newsletter service such as Mail Chimp for sending a newsletter. Nor do I presently intend to.

3.) When I should choose to have a giveaway on this blog, it will be limited to those in the United States and will be at the reader’s choice to participate, (opt-in.)

4.) If any of my readers choose to follow any links to another blog that appear in my blog entries, they are expected to investigate that blog’s GDPR compliance statement.

5.) If I should have the need to change this statement, I will amend it as soon as possible.

Created by:
Cecelia Lester (aka Quiet Spirit)

May 23, 2018

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