Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We all have heard about grace, one of the dearest terms of Christendom. But what is it, actually? As I see it, grace is likened to a precious stone having many facets.

Back in the early 1970's I asked my then-pastor's wife what was meant by grace. Her answer was interesting. She used an acrostic to explain it: God's Riches At Christ's Expense. I have since reasoned that all we have from God has been granted to us only because Jesus Christ went to the cross in our place.

One facet of grace is the idea of love of which we are unworthy. The fact that God loves us in spite of who we are or what we have done amazes me. The idea He loves the hardened criminal as much as He loves the sanctified soul sitting in the pew each Sunday and Wednesday night blows my mind. But God does love us equally.

Can we see grace in today’s society? Yes, we can but we have to use discernment in order to recognize it. We extend grace to another person when we forgive them for hurting us. We also practice grace-giving when we do a good deed for a friend.

How can we describe grace? Hymn writers have used words like amazing, and wonderful, and marvelous. Where would we be without God’s grace? We all would be lost and headed for the lake of fire.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What If. . .

I was studying a magazine to see the make-up of the articles, whether written freelance or staff written. I ran across Bill Hybel’s article, “What If You Had Seven Days to Live . . . and you knew it.” Hybel’s article was on the last week of Jesus’ life. It set me to thinking.

Seven days is one week. A week has 168 hours. Of that total 56 hours (1/3) would be for rest and/or sleep. The balance of the hours, 112, would be mine to use wisely. By that I mean using the time per God’s wisdom.

I would want to spent quality time with my family and my closest friends, people whom I have learned from, people who are God-fearing, God serving, loving people.

I would want to do something, one special thing for God. I would want to be his instrument for service.

I would want to be in special communication with my Lord. I would desire to have an extended time in prayer and to praise my Lord.

I would want to be a true servant. I would like to be able to do one act of unselfishness, no matter how small the world might think it to be. I would try to serve the Lord.

I would want to be able to speak to someone about God and His love. That’s all that keeps His children going in this hard world.

I would want to communicate and demonstrate God’s strength by calmly accepting the process that I might have to go through.

I would want to speak kindly to those who would be with me to the end. I would also want to refrain from saying anything unkind to those who might pull away from me.

Unlike Jesus, I will not return to this earth. My spirit will live on in Heaven. Actually, all these thoughts should be the desires of my heart for my life no matter how long or short the rest of my life happens to be.

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