Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Needs

As we observe our world around us, we see certain people having great needs. Some of these are basic to living--food, clothing, shelter and a job to provide these for our families.

We all have a greater need in our lives, a need for God. We need to have a viable, living relationship with Him. A friend is scheduled for surgery in a bit over two months. A friend of church member is having surgery tomorrow. Both of these ladies--one of whom I know--are scared. My friend knows she is right with God. We talked this morning about the need to stay right. The lady at church will most likely have a similar conversation with her friend. We who call ourselves Christian should not be ashamed to ask the state of another one’s soul, a hard question, because we are commanded by God to care about them.

Another great need we have is the need for God’s guidance. With the present state of our nation we have to seek His guidance at least daily. We need to turn over the reins of our lives to Him. When we do this we have to realize we relinquish our control for His. When I’ve done this I’ve had some very interesting times.

We need to communicate with Him. When we have a need, spiritual or temporal, we need to learn to talk to God first. Yes, its all right to share a need with a friend after we pray about it.

We are to glorify Him. In all we do, we are to remember that we are His. We are to work together, pray together, sing together. Then we are to go outside the doors of our churches and our homes and represent Him to a dying, hurting world. Food pantries, Clothes Closets, Humanitarian Aid Agencies, Coat Give-Aways all are avenues to represent God to those Jesus called ‘ the least of these, my brothers.’

We need to be holy as He is holy. As believers we shouldn’t use words He doesn’t like, ever. We know God hears all. We shouldn’t even think these words. But if we happen to we are to repent, say we are sorry and get back to living for Him.

Also, we need to ask God to forgive us. When we realize we have missed the mark set by God, we need to contritely ask Him to wipe our slates clean. As Christians we have to claim ownership of the sin we see in our world and the problems that sin has caused.

We need to be humble before the Lord. When we stand before the Lord on our day of judgment, we will be filled with awe for seeing Who He Is and a the same time we will be humbled by his having us in His presence. We should approach Him with humility now.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Psalm 139:23-24

Search me. O Lord, and know my heart.

Lord, look into the crevices of who I am.
Lord, shine a light beam into what
makes me tick.

Father, expose my sin for what it is.
Those hurtful words I spout.
Those mean-spirited actions I perform.
Those self-serving ideas I have.

Father, let me see myself as You see me--good or bad.

Test me and know my anxious thoughts.

Assess me, challenge me, examine me.

Please help me when I feel uneasiness.
Stand with me when I am fearful.

See if there is any offensive way in me.

Lord, please analyze my inner being and search
for anything that You don’t approve of.

Jesus, then show me the things You don’t like in
me--things that sadden You.

Lead me in the way everlasting.

Instruct me how to live for You so I
can live with you in Heaven.

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