Friday, January 16, 2009

Surely Goodness and Mercy

. . . Will Follow Me All The Days of My Life

God gives us gifts and experiences that are beneficial to us. We hear of a friend who is going through a difficult time and we have been through the very same problem or something similar. While we experienced the circumstances, we were not able to think about it at that time but God’s goodness guided us through. Now because of His mercy, we can share with the friend who contacts us and seeks our guidance.

God’s goodness allows us to continue when we have those times of great stress. His mercy extended to us grants pardon when we are guilty of sin against Him. He excuses us from guilt when we least deserve it.

When we walk with God, we can be certain of our salvation. We realize we will receive God’s goodness and mercy for the rest of our lives. Now that is not to say we won’t ever have problems or difficult times but we will receive God’s guidance and compassion to carry us through to victory.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Anoint my Head with Oil,

. . . My Cup Overflows.

God, the Shepherd, makes us holy -sets us apart-so that we reflect Him in our daily lives. When God anoints us, He equips us to do work for the Kingdom. He softens our hearts, gives us discernment, guides us in our days, and gives the right words to say.

We spend time each November listing things we are thankful for. Might these items be results of God’s act of making us holy? The answer here could be some but not all.

We see persons who never seem to exhibit spiritual growth in their lives. Do some of God’s children receive more of God than others? The answer here could be God chooses the Spiritual gifts He wants each of us to have but it is up to us to develop them. Is it because God loves them any less than He loves the missionary or the evangelist? No, God loves us all the same.

Monday, January 12, 2009

You Prepare a Table Before Me

. . .In the Presence of My Enemies

God provides special moments-just for us-when circumstances that could tear us apart or hem us in. Someone complements us on how we look. We receive a phone call from a friend who knows we have transportation problems. She offers to pick us up to go to a meeting or to the hospital to sit with a friend’s family. Or an unexpected package arrives with all sorts of nice cookies and candies and gadgets just for us and our family. Someone compliments us on how we look. They notice our new outfit. They notice we are losing weight. These moments are special because the initiators don’t know we might be experiencing a tough time-no one except us, God and his adversary.

God leads us into a personal Bible study that transforms our minds and our thinking and then the way we react to certain stressful incidents touching our lives.

God places our names on the hearts of these people who care about us because He loves us. Our friends are vessels for His blessings. When we face a trial, God assures us He will provide something to help us through the harsh time-even when the enemy is at work on us.

God does this out of His goodness.

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