Friday, January 23, 2009

Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done

. . .On Earth as in Heaven. . .

All of God’s children want to live their lives according to God’s will. What would our churches, our homes, our communities, our nations, even our world look like if we allowed God’s will to be first in our lives? If we even asked God to guide us through any activity or project?

Our churches would be full. They wouldn’t have any budget issues. Our homes would be peaceful and pleasant. The divorce rate wouldn’t exist. Our communities would be safer places to live. The crime rate would drop to zero. People wouldn’t be afraid to get out at night. Our nations would enjoy a peace unknown to present-day countries.

In order for these lofty desires to come to reality, God’s people have to truly seek His rule in their lives. We have to submit ourselves to God and let Him guide and direct us through the events of our lives.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Father in Heaven,

Hallowed be Your Name. . .

Christianity is about the relationship between God and humankind. God the Creator becomes our Father. He lovingly takes on this parental role for all who accept Him. We notice the pronoun used here. Jesus the Son established God’s relationship to all.

We attempt to teach young children that God loves all he creates--whether or not He see that person as good. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of God’s love for the person who sins but not the evil they are doing.

His children are to honor God’s name. Song writers remind us of this quite often, using such words as: “Wonderful, Awesome, Marvelous, and Blessed.” We honor Him by striving to keep His laws, following His teaching, and reading the Word. Praying and seeking the Wisdom he offers are also way of honoring God.

Monday, January 19, 2009

And I Will Dwell in The House of The Lord Forever.

God’s children desire to live in Heaven with God at the time He calls them. This calling home by the Lord comes out of His goodness and mercy. Our verse says, dwell. Believers will not just visit. Their future home is in Heaven. This verse is a statement of faith. Being with God in His home is a certainty.

While we are on this earth we sometimes move to another house. Our home in Heaven is forever. We won’t ever find our home in Heaven getting too small or becoming too large to take care of. It won’t need painting. We will never have to consider remodeling it. God builds our house on the other side and He builds it to perfection.

God calls His children as their reward for walking the walk and talking the talk while they were here on earth.

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