Friday, May 1, 2009

Making a Discovery

As we progress through life, we make discoveries about ourselves and others. Some of these hidden gems enlighten us into how others view us. They also magnify any shortcomings we have. When working with others, we notice certain actions or reactions of those around us.

When this new information about us conveys something positive, we should be thankful to God.

Conversely, when the data shows a negative aspect of our attitudes, actions, or hearts, in order to move ahead to correct them, we are to turn those negative qualities and our hearts over to God.

This process involves leaving the items concerning us with Him. Another aspect of this is we don't dwell on the negative trait except in prayer.

In dealing with our discoveries we make about others, we need to turn what we feel over to God and also leave them there. By doing these two acts we also need to refrain from discussing the information with another individual.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trust in His Heart

I heard a gospel song in 2001 that said “if you can’t trace God’s hand, then trust in His heart.” This spoke to me about life and all that it brings.
It told of the faith we have to exercise in order to continue on
when everything seems to say we should do otherwise. We never know what the next second will bring but we who know Him know that every thing is under his control.

In trusting God, we learn that He can be trusted. By this I mean if we trust God with the small daily things, we learn that we can trust him with the big things that we have to face. About the same time, in my Sunday School class my teacher was telling about how things seemed very difficult for them a little over ten years earlier but how the Lord had worked in the life of their daughter.

Then in Morning Worship that day we heard two ladies give testimony to God speaking to them through others. One had been a Nun and had asked for her vow to be excused. She ‘thought ‘ that she was right but it was pointed out in a question by a visitor to her home that she might have some issues with which to deal. She asked the young man to leave her home. But she still had doubts. She got her heart right with God and resumed playing the piano. She has been accompanying her friend since 1978, that was for 23 years at that time. She had talent that was recognized by her family at a very young age. And had won certain contests because of her talent. But God has blessed her anew when she surrendered to him and began to trust in him.

Sometimes we have circumstances come into our lives we can’t control. We have to trust others and we have to trust God for the outcome.

Monday, April 27, 2009


(Hebrews 12:1)

One of the basic virtues in our Christian life is faith. The writer of Hebrews tells us “. . . faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”(KJV) Another reading of the famous faith verse is “ . . . faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (NIV) But what does this mean to us?

Teachers of the Bible tell us trust is a large part of faith. Trust plays out in various ways. Dependability,reliability, and submissiveness all describe the trust relationship we strive to have with one another. These same words contribute to the prerequisite to define trust between us and God. He is trustworthy, we have to learn to relax and submit ourselves over to Him.

By submitting ourselves, we relinquish our lives to God's control. We find ourselves not as bothered about things that once concerned us. This is exactly what Jesus did in Gethsemane. He gave up control to the Father.

From time to time we have circumstances enter our lives that we have to accept and then deal with the hard parts of the situation as they come. As of this writing, my church family is very concerned about three different families who are facing traumatic events. Two of these families are awaiting the demise of a loved one. The third family is watching one of theirs is fighting for life. It takes faith for these people to stand by and watch those dear to them through these times.

As humans, we want life to read like a text book–no deviation from what we call normal. But life isn't like that. We will have trials and tribulations that sometimes vex us. We tire very easily of the stress placed upon us by the circumstances we face. But, it seems God allows these things to enter our lives in order to make us stronger. I know of several families who are facing the possible or impending loss of a loved one. There are others who have been fighting Cancer for a lengthy time. And there are those who face depression every day. All these dear souls rely on God for their strength.

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