Friday, November 8, 2013

Homeschool Co-ops 101 Book Review

homeschool co-ops 101
Essential co-op tools, tips, and options for today’s homeschool families.

My blogging friend, Karen Lange has written a book—presently in e-book format, soon to be in print book form. In it she covers the issues that arise when parents consider the option of home schooling their children.

She discusses the reasons parents have for considering taking this option for their family. Karen specifically points out that the size of the co-op depends on how a group and each family fit together. She mentions the need for a statement of purpose for the co-op. She cautions about having a code of conduct to clarify expectations of those involved.

Karen relies on her experience as a homeschool mother to approach the different concerns a family might be faced with as they begin homeschooling. 

One point Karen brings out that I found interesting was a homeschool cooperative can be set up to encompass a few grades—elementary or early grades, or the full spectrum of pre-k -12.The smaller co-ops are usually less formal in structure.

Karen has included a section on games and activities that might accompany a lesson on what the students are studying: grammar, poetry, games to make the children think, a recipe scavenger hunt, and a few activities that enhance the children’s writing abilities. She has included several Unit Study Guides for the parents to consider as they search for ways to solidify the concepts the children need to master.

Homeschool Co-ops 101 is available at:
karen langeAbout the Author Karen Lange has gathered insight from years of co-oping and now shares her own and others’ experiences in this valuable and encouraging handbook.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Interview with Karen Lange

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Karen Lange Author

Today I am interviewing a blogging friend, Karen Lange. We are excited that her e-book, Homeschooling Co-ops 101, has been published.

QS: Hello Karen, I’m almost as excited as you about your e-book being available to the public.

KL: Thank you for inviting me to stop by! I am looking forward to visiting with your followers!

QS: Tell us about yourself.

KL: I am a follower of Christ, wife, mom, and grandma. My husband and I have two sons, a daughter, and a daughter in law, and a very smart and handsome 5-year-old grandson. (I could be a little biased about my grandson.) :) My writing work includes blogging, freelance work, and teaching online writing classes for adults and homeschooled teens.

QS: How long have you been writing?
KL: I’ve enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember, but never thought about writing as a career until I took some writing classes after I was married. So as far as writing for publication, I’d say it’s been about 20 years or so.
QS: In what genre do you write?

KL: Most of my writing is nonfiction – blog posts, freelance writing for magazines and clients, and my book. I also am co-writing an historical fiction novel with a friend.

QS:  Do you have a ‘day job?’

KL: Yes, my “day jobs” include bookkeeping; my husband and son are partners in a carpentry business.  I also teach online writing classes; the ones for homeschooled teens run from September through May.  The classes at the Coffeehouse for Writers run year round.

QS:  What have you written before this?
KL: I’ve been writing for print and online publications such as Homeschool Enrichment Magazine and The Homeschool Magazine, Funds for Writers and E-Junkie, and have written ad content and other business material.  I also offer copy editing services.

QS: Do you write a blog?

KL: I do, and have met many wonderful friends like you! My blog address is: Blogging has been a great experience. It has taught me a lot about writing and has been a great way to connect with other writers.

QS: Tell us about your family.

KL: My husband Jeff and I have been married for 32 years. Jeff's been very supportive of my writing over the years. Our oldest son works with my husband and is married; he and his wife have a son (that handsome grandson I mentioned above!). This son helped me format the original, shorter version of my book that I’d originally self-published. Our next son is a graphic designer; he designed the cover for my book. Our daughter, the youngest, was my chief proofreader before I submitted the book.  So they’ve all helped the book come to publication.

QS: What is your e-book about?
KL: Homeschool Co-ops 101 is for families who are thinking about joining or starting a homeschool co-op. It weighs the pros, cons, and creative options available, and contains essential co-op tools, tips, and options for today’s homeschool families. I recently found out that it will be coming out in print about a month after its e-book release. I was very excited to hear that bit of news!
Thanks so much for hosting me today, Cecelia! I appreciate your support.  It’s always a pleasure to stop by your blog!

QS: Thank you for stopping in, Karen. Tomorrow we will take a look at your e-book, Homeschool Co-op 101.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eucharisteo- God’s Comfort



Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus, the Father of mercy and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 (NKJV)
 We all endure pain and heartache as we go through life. It’s inevitable. We have times of sadness and grief because we are human. God allows us to have these intense times of emotion in direct correlation to how much we love.

I recently witnessed a family in the grief process attend church the day after they had lost their 
husband-father-grandfather-great-grandfather. Yes, they were hurting but they chose to be in God’s house to worship God. Another woman had lost her father about a week earlier. Inside a congregation of 300+  I was aware of two families who were in the beginning of the grief process.

I know being in the Lord’s house brought comfort to both families. I saw the same example set year and a half ago. This family was in Sunday worship the next day after they buried their only son-brother; they had been through the process of grief several years earlier when they lost a daughter-sister.

In both instances, I believe the families knew where they could go to receive comfort. They came to God’s house and to His people.      

I remember when I was in the place of grief when I lost my dad, and earlier, my stepmother. In both instances, I could feel the prayers of God’s people as I walked through the days between the loss and the committal service and afterward. I was more open about my grief at the loss of my stepmother. But, the kindnesses shown to me on both occasions were very special.

I saw Jesus on that recent Sunday as I watched different people speaking to and comforting the lady who had lost her husband and her daughter and the others who lost a grandfather.

Dear Father God:
    Please wrap your arms of love around those families who mourn the loss of a loved one. Draw them close to you. Whisper words of comfort into their ears. Allow them to rest in your arms as they go through the coming days as they learn to walk through their lives without that person who meant so much to them. In the name of Jesus, I pray. AMEN                                                                                                            


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