Friday, September 12, 2014

God’s Got a Better Idea by Billy Zeoli

Product Details

Product Details

Billy Zeoli met his senator, Gerald Ford in 1963. They and their families became friends. In 1973 Jerry Ford became vice-president when Spiro Agnew resigned. . . . Then, Richard Nixon resigned, making Gerald Ford President of the United States.

Billy Zeoli wrote and sent a prayer to President Ford every week. A passage of scripture accompanied each prayer. He would mail each prayer on Friday and the envelope was waiting on the desk in the Oval Office on Monday. This was a ministry in itself. Here’s what Gerald Ford said about them.
“In the fall of 1973, shortly after my nomination to fill the vacancy in the office of Vice-President of the United States, there began arriving every Monday morning at my desk a message from Billy. Each contained a Verse from Scripture and a Prayer relating to that Verse which he had especially written for me. He sent them under the heading of ‘God's Got a Better Idea’”
“Those weekly messages followed me into the Oval Office and continued throughout my presidential tenure. There were 146 in all. Not only were they profound in their meaning and judicious in their selection, I believe they were also divinely inspired. Billy Zeoli was the instrument.”1

These prayers spoke to my heart. Whenever I found the time to read them, I came away blessed. Yet, these were written for the President, the leader of the free world.  I have shared this information with a friend who is our pastoral assistant at our church. She has suggested I share some of these prayers with others at church from time to time.

None of these prayers speak of what were current events at that time. They speak of spiritual things; some of them go deep into the heart of the reader. I am sure President Ford received blessings from these prayers, as I am sure anyone reading them today would also.

I would recommend this e-book to anyone who is a ‘prayer warrior’ or an intercessor.

The republished e-book is called "Daily Prayers for Leaders" It's the bookjacket on the left above.
The book jacket on the right is the original one from 1978. 
  1. God’s Got A Better Idea, by Billy Zeoli, Fleming H. Revell, Old Tappan New Jersey. © 1978 p.8
 I was asked by a friend to read this e-book that is being republished. All I was asked to do was read it and give an unbiased review. 

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meet Chaplain, Author Billy Zeoli

Billy Zeoli
Billy Zeoli is retired from co-chairmanship with Doug DeVos of Gospel Communications
International, the developer of the Bible Gateway and trained and hosted hundreds of evangelical
ministries on the World Wide Web beginning in 1995.

Previously he was President of Gospel Films, which produced hundreds of dramas and documentaries,
including Francis Schaeffer's 10-part series, "How Should We Then Live?"

He was White House chaplain under President Gerald R. Ford and was one of three people he confided
in regarding pardoning former President Nixon.

Billy also served as chaplain and spiritual advisor to many professional athletes and teams, including
Tom Landry and Roger Staubauch during their incredible run with the Dallas Cowboys. Bobby
Richardson of the New York Yankees remains a close friend.

Unabashedly as a Christian, He met in the Middle East with such important political figures as
Menachem Begin, Yasser Arafat, and Anwar Sadat.

He is writing a book that offers his insider's view of everything from President Ford's pardon of former
US President Richard Nixon to Islamic-Jewish-Christian relations, and from the role of faith in
professional sports to the connections between American entrepreneurialism and Christianity.

On my next blog, I will review a book of his that will be republished as an e-book “God’s Got a Better Idea.” This is a collection of prayers Billy wrote and sent to President Gerald Ford. More about this later.

Picture of Billy Zeoli came throught LinkedIn.

Monday, September 8, 2014


“When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to him and said, I AM God Almighty (El-Shaddai); walk before me and be blameless.” Genesis 17:1 (NIV) 

I have been intrigued about the names of God. Here the LORD calls himself God Almighty. Further, the Lord tells Abram who He is and that he is to walk before Him. If Abram does this he, Abram, will be blameless.
My Bible dictionary explains that-the word used in the OT as the translation of the Hebrew shadday, “mighty” In the NT it is the word for the Greek pantokrator,” all powerful.”1

What does it mean to be blameless? If we are found innocent of a crime, we are acquitted. Does this mean we are without blame?

Some people play “the blame game” when they get into trouble. They blame anyone within shouting distance from them. I once heard an apology on national television that was anything but. The person tried to turn the situation around by saying he was being persecuted by those of the opposite mindset of how he should have been doing his job.

We learn to blame others at quite a young age. “But, Mom, everyone is doing it.” “But, Mom, the kids down the street get to do it.”

But God told Abram that he would be exempt of blame. I believe that through the death of Jesus Christ, all who accept Him and live for Him will be deemed blameless and will spend time in heaven with Him.

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