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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Holy Spirit in Our Lives

When Jesus tells his disciples he will leave them soon, He tells them he will ask the Father to send a Counselor to help them. (John 14:16) The Couselor, the Holy Spirit,whom the Father sends in His name, is to teach the disciples all things and remind them of what Jesus said to them. (John 14:26) Jesus told the disciples he had to depart from them in order for the Holy Spirit to come to them.(John 16:7)

We 21st Century Christians see the Holy Spirit working in lives today. We witness this work in healings, in reconciliations, in the advancement of the Kingdom. In order for people to see and understand the workings of the Holy Spirit they have to be open to Jesus.

Being open to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit, simply put, means we have to have a vital relationship with Him. This can only be achieved through the practice of prayer, meditation and Bible study. We should also invite Jesus’ Holy Spirit into our corporate worshipour church services. At the bottom of our church’s bulletin every week is the following sentence. “ The service is subject to change by the leading of the Holy Spirit.”
And a lot of times the service does change.

Sometimes our lives change because of the Holy Spirit’s leading. One day, just over six years ago, I had turned my day over to the Lord. My husband had been talking about getting an additional car. I wasn’t sure about this. But the day I turned my activities over to God, we bought a carand it took most of the day.

This past Saturday I took part in auditions for a Christmas play. I am not in the play, I will be helping direct that play. Those of us who are helping direct it were quite pleased with the turn out and especially the attitudes of the one trying out. But it was a long day. I was not very active yesterday after church and Sunday school. But this morning all the tiredness of Saturday must have caught up with me. But then He knew I would need the rest.

My week’s activities have been altered. My hubby and I are planning to take a trip to the southern part of the state, where he grew up. He is facing possible surgery to remove some pins and a plate from his ankle he broke in January. As I was making out my week’s schedule and my writing schedule yesterday, I had no idea he was thinking about doing this. And Friday is his birthday, so I am altering my week’s plans.


  1. Hi Quiet Spirit -

    My former pastor (in another state) had a saying when going on a missions trip: Take along flexibility, flip-flops, and a flashlight.

    I wonder how often I've been so set on my plans, my agenda and missed a God opportunity. Thanks for your reminder to commit our day to Him. Then the interruptions of life won't be quite so irritating.

    Susan J. Reinhardt :)

  2. Being open to the Holy Spirit means we have to be close enough to hear and understand His softest whisper, and catch the slightest nuance of His face, doesn't it?

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Quiet Spirit. I pray the Lord will bless your faithfulness to Him. I know He will.


  3. Yea! I got to your site. I love the way you write and I appreciate you coming to my site and leaving a comment now and then.

    Jim and I try to commit every day together to the Lord, we really feel the difference if we don't start out that way. Kinda helps us "gear" up.

    We will be praying for your husband's ankle and the trip. Jim broke his in Jan. too and it was a long haul.

    Hugs and Blessings,
    Paulette Harris


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