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Friday, December 26, 2008

Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want. . .

A shepherd tends his flock, protecting the sheep from predatory animals. He brings his charges through unseen dangers. King David--once a shepherd--knew the various tasks needed to care for sheep: rescuing the errant ones from peril; providing them with nourishment, having to move them regularly in an effort to provide food for them.

Isn’t God our shepherd? Doesn’t He protect us from danger? Doesn’t He rescue us from harm? Doesn’t the heavenly Father provide for us? The obvious answer to each of these questions is “yes.” Because of what He does for us, each of us can say, “I shall not be in want.”

As God’s sheep, we have certain behaviors to display. We are to obey Him. We are to listen for His voice. We are to wait for Him to rescue us. We are to yield to Him when He helps us.

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  1. Hi Quiet Spirit -

    I love Psalm 23. One time, I read the verse, "He restoreth my soul," and I realized that means my mind, will, and emotions. II Timothy 1:7 is also a great help to me.

    Thanks for the post.

    Susan :)


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