Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Living Witness

The Apostle Paul writes in his second letter to the church at Corinth, "You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody." Have you ever stopped to think that we are Christ's letter to the world?

Yesterday afternoon, a neighbor lady came to pick up something for her husband. They recently went through a rough time in their lives. We have been praying for them for a while. She asked me if she could go to church with me this Sunday. I had been wanting to ask her family but didn't want to intrude on their situation.

She told me she had been in church as a child and decided she needed to get back to her faith.

My husband later told me to read 2 Corinthians 3:1-3. He then reminded me that people are watching us as we go through our days.

Today, I received the current issue of a small literary magazine I contribute to. The lady who publishes it had made an error. She credited something to me that I didn't write. I called her and talked to her about it. I told her I was not going to cash the check. It was for a nominal sum. Just before we hung up, she thanked me for my honesty and then said," But, I wouldn't expect less from you."

This tells me I need to always be careful of my behavior. I have had two reminders that people really do watch Christians.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Memorial Services

Monday morning I attended a Celebration of Life for a dear Christian man who was very special to a lot of us at our church. His name was Clyde. He was 94 years old. He and his lovely wife, Mabel, were married 71 years. The service had an evangelistic flavor to it. In part of the service, the friends and family members were granted an opportunity to say a few words. Both sons spoke of their dad's love of God. The son I know also spoke to the grandchildren and reminded them of their need to make a choice about what they will do about Jesus.

This evening,Wednesday, we gathered to remember Johnny. I wrote about him in an earlier entry. We heard from a friend how Johnny kept telling him, "You got to get back with your wife." This friend also told of a veryserious conversation he had with Johnny. Even then, Johnny chose not to tell this friend that he was seriously ill and facing death.

Both of these men have left impressions on me. Clyde stayed with his faith and his committment. Johnny always gave away anything he ever received. If Johnny had any money, he made sure someone who needed it more received it. Even on his deathbed, he was trying to give away the contents of his candy stash.

Monday, August 25, 2008

God's Grace

In our walk with Jesus, we have times that are not especially easy. People with chronic ailments have to deal with various issues. A man recently told his wife, "Without the grace of God. I would have already been gone." The wife found comfort in these words. It has been an uphill walk for them both.

God's grace-His unmerited love- we can't fathom how deep it is. We pray and ask Him for certain outcomes to circumstances in life but our motive is not because we are such good, obedient children of God. We pray for these needs because of His grace.

I attended a funeral service this morning. The gentleman was 94 years old. He was a true prayer warrior. His presence at each church service was a comfort to all who attended. He and his wife shared 71 years of marriage. God gave them four children, twelve grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren and several great- great grandchildren. God really extended grace to this gentleman and his wife.

While writing this, I have decided to list things in my life that I have because of God's grace to me. I won't post them right now. I think I will save them for a special occasion.

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