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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit. . .

For theirs is the kingdom of Heaven

What does being poor in spirit mean to us in our 21st Century world? Our society considers a person poor if they don’t have what is considered basic needs. Our spirit is what we call our inner being, our real selves. A person who is thought to be poor in spirit has no selfish intent. That individual looks to God for all his or her needs.

The world looks down on those who lack certain material belongings in their lives. A segment of society also feels a person who doesn’t react with ‘Type A’ personality traits is not up to their standard.

God, on the other hand, looks at the heart. He doesn’t look at what people have. He judges His children by what’s inside them.

When we ask God to guide us through our days, and provide us with what we require, we have all of heaven willing to work for us.

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