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Monday, March 23, 2009

Mary Magdalene

(Mark 16:9-11; John 20:10-18)

When she met Jesus, seven demons lived inside her. The Master healed her. She appreciated being freed from those evil spirits plaguing her body, mind, and life. She desired to help the Teacher as He ministered to those He met. She seemed to be wealthy. No one knows her occupation. She became a follower of Christ, contributing to the needs of the ministry and those who traveled with Jesus.

Mary Magdalene and the other women watched as Jesus died on the cross. She and Mary, His mother, witnessed Joseph of Arimathea place Jesus into the tomb. After the Sabbath, she and her two friends, Mary and Salome, returned to the tomb. Their concern was about the huge stone Joseph had placed over the entrance. Their mission was to finish the burial preparation of Jesus.

In John's interpretation, Mary mistook Jesus for the gardener. She asked what has been done with Him. It isn't until he called her by name that she realized it is her Teacher. She then runs to find the disciples to tell them, “I have seen the Lord.”

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  1. Oh, boy! This is the best part of the whole Bible.

    He's alive!



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