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Friday, April 10, 2009


What was it like? The place where our Lord was taken to be crucified. We know it was the place for public execution by hanging on a cross. Bible scholars seem to describe it as a pile of rocks. It was called the Place of the Skull. Some say it was because of it's shape.

The crowd gathered that eventful day. What did they see? Could they have seen evidence of earlier crucifixions? Could they smell the stench of dead skin as they taunted Jesus? Would they have cared? Were they so bloodthirsty they would think nothing of this terrible odor?

We really don't dwell on the make-up or the environment of Golgotha. We try to focus on the crucifixion of Jesus and then aim our hearts to the event of three days later. In thinking about the site we might realize just how terrible this time was for Jesus, the sinless one.

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