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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God’s Grace

Grace comes to us in many forms. Among them is prevenient, saving, and sanctifying grace. Prevenient grace is the call of Jesus extended to each of those seeking Him.

A young woman and her husband attend a church service at the invitation of her uncle and aunt. During the service the Holy Spirit speaks to her heart. She asks Jesus to forgive her of her sins. A little later in the service the pastor issue a invitation to any one who wished to be baptized to come to the front of the sanctuary. A mother and a daughter make their way down to join him.

The young woman decides to find her uncle, an associate pastor of the church, and asks him to escort her down to the platform to receive baptism.

The saving grace entered this young woman's heart when she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Sanctifying grace sets us apart for Kingdom work. By sanctifying His people, Jesus bestows on them certain traits and talents to be used to expand His realm. These gifts are to be used for His glory.

And yet grace–His undeserved love–keeps us safe and comforts us as we walk through this life. We can give grace to one another and we can receive it as well. How can we do this for others–a kind word, a hug, a smile, a note of cheer. We receive God's grace when another person goes out of his or her way to inquire how things are going and gives a hug or other show of concern when they aren’t going as well as we would like. We receive God's grace when we receive a card in the mail or a phone call when we are having a hard time.

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