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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Child's Table Grace

As children, those of us of a certain age were taught a prayer to say before meals.

God is great, God is good
and we thank Him for our food.
By His hand we are fed,
Thank you, God, for our daily bread.

We really didn't understand what we said.

“God is great,”―He’s the strongest being in the universe. Our Creator can handle anything.

“God is good”―His goodness is made real to us by His provisions for us.

“And we thank Him.”―We should express our gratitude for all He bestows on us.

“for out food.”―Without proper nourishment, we would become very ill and most likely perish.

“By His hand”―He provides us with all our needs.

“we are fed,”―We receive all our gifts and sustenance from God.

“Thank you, God”―We should verbally express our gratitude to Him.

“for our daily bread.”―Our thanks to God should be for the basics of our lives.

Had I understood what I was saying when I learned it 60 years ago, I probably would have had a better understanding of my relationship with God earlier in my life.


  1. Thank you, God, for my blog friends like QS.



  2. When I was a child, that was our before meal prayer too. What a wonderful reminder of what it really means! I never gave it much thought growing up, but will now; thank you for sharing this:)

  3. I think this prayer is a wonderful way to simply sum up how important our relationship is to God. He's our provision and will be eternally faithful. Thanks for the post.


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