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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Praying For God’s Will

“. . .not as I will but as You will .”
Matt. 26:39

We have times in our lives when we need to pray for God’s Will for particular issues. Usually, these issues are very complex, very far reaching, or life altering.
There is a strange facet of praying for His Will to be done. We have to realize the Lord’s plan might not be easy for us. It may not be what we want,humanly speaking. We have to step aside and let Him work.

On the other side of the situation, when we turn everything over to God and invite Him to do His Will, we experience peace. The problem is in God’s hands. We can breathe easier, see things clearer and relax.

There was a time I was asked to pray about a news story by two different people. The action taken by a woman got her into a legal situation–being tried by the state. Early on, the request was for the victim's family. Before the trial was over I was asked to pray for the woman. I was confused, both requests came from women I worshiped with at the time. I decided to pray for God’s Will.

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