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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Some Prayers

Prayer of Thankfulness

Dear Lord:

We thank you for who you are, the Lord of our lives. We praise you for the beauty of the season.
Sometimes, we fall short of what you want us to be, for this we are sorry. Other times we have mean thoughts that don’t honor You, please forgive us.
Thank You for our families, thank You for our gifts bestowed for Your kingdom. Thank you for special friendships. Thank you for your guidance.
Lord, please be with all those who deal with Cancer, heart problems, digestive disturbances and their caregivers. Father, please resolve families that are divided. Please guide those who seek your guidance in making decisions affecting their future.
I ask these things because of Your grace and love for all your children.


Prayer for Guidance

Dear God:

Please guide Your children as they go through each day. Let them give You their days and the minutes therein.
Help them to perform their tasks in ways that bring honor to You.
Please reward them as they go through their days and comfort them when they are down.
Please allow Your children to turn their planning over to you. Guide them as they go through the planning stages of any and all projects they have in mind.

In the name of Jesus,

Prayer for the Uncertain Times

Dear Father;
We have learned that we have no security except in You. We have trusted other created things that have disappointed us but you have always remained steadfast.

We ask you to guide and protect us through these times of uncertainty. We read of so much crime in our land. We hear of banks being closed and of jobs vanishing. If it weren’t for you, we would be confused and fretful. But you tell us to look to our maker for our comfort and for instruction. Sometimes we think we know everything but we don’t-You do. Please, let us learn from you. Help us as we make decisions, let them honor You.
We will give You the praise.

Prayer for the Lord’s Day:

Dear Father:

Thank you for this day You have made. I get to go to your house and talk to you. Of course, I talk to you all week long. But Your day is special and I desire to be in your house whenever I can.

Thank You for the music we will hear this morning. Thank You for the message you gave our pastor. Thank You for the offering I can bring. Thank You for the children who will attend and learn of You.

Thank You for our Sunday School class and our teacher. Bless him and his family and those whom he serves throughout the week.

Thank You for the ones who will sit around me. Guide them through whatever need they may have. Speak to their hearts, remind them of Your great love for them.

Bless those who will be visiting. Let them feel Your presence as they enter the front door. Walk through the pews and remind them they are not alone.

Please do these things out of the grace in Your heart, and I will give You the praise.


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  1. Thanks, Cecelia, for reminding us of the importance of prayer in our relationship with the Lord. Blessings!


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