Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Wouldn't it be nice if people listened to each other? We need to be aware of what others are saying and thinking. Also, we need to know our own thoughts on certain issues of life. We would learn how to get along with each other better and be happier with who we are.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could resolve out differences peacefully.? Family Feuds could be avoided. Dysfunction would be a thing of the past. Families would be closer, the basic unit of society they were meant to be. Friendships would be life–long and truer.

Wouldn't it be nice if people realized they can't control other's lives and sometimes have to give up the control of their own? We can't tell each other what to do because we don't walk in one another's shoes. Besides, the majority of the time, most of us don't like to be told what to do.

Wouldn't it be nice if people had the capacity to understand their place in the scheme of things?

In this world, most of us are little people, our lives ‘but a vapor’ when compared to eternity.

But alas, some people seem only to want to be heard. They do deeds that draw attention to themselves. These individuals come across as being rude to those around them. Some of these crave dysfunction–especially other’s, thriving on other people’s woes while ignoring their own.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When People Hurt People

(Matthew 5:43-48)

From time to time, we find ourselves in the middle of someone else's difference with another person. For some of us this is an almost everyday happening. And we become privy to one party’s thoughts. Some people’s feelings produce thoughts that belie their Christian beliefs.

When things happen that cause us to harbor unkind thoughts about another person, we are guilty of sin. No, Christians aren't to be doormats. But we are to abide by the teachings of the Bible. If we do as we are taught, ultimately we win the argument.

The scripture chosen for this essay is a hard one for some people to comprehend. They look as though they were a deer caught in the headlights. Imagine with me the following conversation.

“You mean I am supposed to pray for HER, after what she said about me?”

“Yes, we have to, because Jesus said to.”

“But she yelled at me.(or)She called me names. (or)She said I wasn't a good mother.”

“But Jesus told us to pray for those that spitefully use us.”

As I see it, we should pray for anyone who is mean or spitefully uses us, no matter what his or her spiritual belief.
I wrote this because I have a friend who is torn about a situation that keeps happening with someone at church. Also, my husband and I have been used by someone under the guise of helping us.
I was hurt hearing about the situation at church and very hurt by the circumstances directed at us. Please pray for us.

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