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Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank The Lord for Veterans

In deciding a topic for today’s blog entry, I was reminded of the reason for the holiday. Our nation has been blessed with people, men and women, who heeded our country’s call to protect our land.

We have had people give their lives for our nation. A former high school,now a medical training magnet school,  in Indianapolis bore the name of the first casualty (death) of the Revolutionary War. A highway in Indiana was named for a fallen World War II war correspondent, a Hoosier. A reserve Air Force base in the north central part of our state was renamed for an astronaut who died on duty when a fire broke out while awaiting lift off of a rocket.

On the yard of our city hall sits a monument to the local men who lost their lives in Vietnam. On the west side of town is a relatively new bridge named Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Two of the larger cemeteries here will have an avenue of flags lining their entry drives, in honor of those who are buried on their grounds. Our church will have flag poles set up, with the American flag waving from each one, on the hill where the church sits overlooking the intersection. The sight of multiple flags almost takes one’s breath away.

As I become older, I am aware of the importance of Memorial Day. Having had a grandfather who fought in World War I, a father in World War II and during the Korean War, and a husband who served in the Vietnam era, I have become mindful of the sacrifices the veterans have made.

At least two sets of friends of mine have grandsons who are planning to enlist in the military, one in the Marines, one in the Navy. They are or soon will be high school graduates.

My dad died last June. When the local newspaper published his obituary, there was an image of the Stars and Stripes below his picture. All veterans receive this recognition from the paper from the editorial staff as an honor to those who served our country.

On my mental “to do” list on Saturday was the task of purchasing some flowers and going to the cemetery and honoring him. Hubby and I bought flowers for Dad and for one of our brother-in-laws. I also hoped to borrow my son’s digital camera and take a picture of the flags at church. There is a group of men who put them up for Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veteran’s Day.

Have you thanked God for a veteran, today? Have you ever taken the time to thank a veteran?


  1. I am grateful for the sacrifice, past and present, that those who serve in our military have chosen to give. I am thankful that we live in a free country.

  2. Hi Quiet Spirit -

    My mind goes back to the dark days of the Vietnam War. So many soldiers gave their lives, while others came back emotionally crippled. To those brave men, who served in that war, as well as all others, thank you.


  3. I thank God for our freedoms, but haven't thought to thank Him for those who gave it to me! I will do that right now...

  4. I too am so grateful for those who have sacrificed their lives for mine. And I agree, as I get older, I appreciate it more and more.
    ps - the cartoon on my post was from an email that my mom sent me.


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