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Friday, June 11, 2010

Feeling His Presence

“You have made know to me the paths of life;

You fill me with joy in Your presence.” Acts 2:28

Have you ever felt God’s presence as you performed a task or read a book or even your Sunday School lesson? How did it make you feel?

This past week, I received four blessings. The first was a note in a book I had won in a blog drawing. The lady who wrote the note how she felt getting to know me through this blog was a blessing to her. I was touched.

The next day, I received an e mail from another of my blogging friends. I was aware of the fact she was going through a prolonged tough time last month. I had sent her an encouragement card. The e mail was her way of thanking me.

I went to the grocery store and heard some say hello to me. It was a dear lady who I had met when I stared going to our former church. We talked about her cousin’s wife, a very close friend of mine. The cousin died right before Christmas last year. The cousin’s wife is now having an unusual health issue. My friend reminded me she would soon be 90 years old. This lady’s daughter was principal of the high school that is closing. The daughter will be principal at the one remaining high school in town. My friend’ house sits between two vacant houses and she expressed concern about the value of her house dropping a real concern given the economy.

Then, Friday night I started to read my Sunday School lesson. I haven’t started reading my lessons before late Saturday night in several years. We are starting a new quarterly. I spent time reading the Editor’s thoughts, the writer’s bio, and the first lesson.

I felt as if the words of Paul were aimed directly at me(1 Thessalonians 1).

Oh, a friend and her husband and son are going through a rough time right now. She also is possibly going to receive an appointment to a church as senior pastor. I found myself sending her and her husband a note of encouragement on Thursday, I saw her on Saturday at a meeting. After the meeting, we were talking and she thanked me for the card.

We don’t know how we might affect another person when we yield to God’s leading. He could bless us with His presence over and over and over.

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  1. You are right. We never know, too, what seeds we sow when we speak to people.
    Blessings for your weekend:)


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