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Monday, July 12, 2010


A friend’s husband underwent heart surgery this past week. Sherman is somewhere in his mid80s. As I prayed for him a few minutes ago, the thought came into my mind that this surgery could be more severe due to his age. My next thought is that, as I see it, most surgeries of this nature seem to be done on people who are older but not in their mid 80s.

My dad had that same surgery when he was 72. Our friend Mary Emma underwent this surgery the first time when she was 67,the second 16 years later. My friend Martha’s husband was in his 50s but he had suffered a massive heart attack.

It seems to me that this procedure happens either when the patient is of advanced age or has had a major medical crisis. And yet, what we hear of this surgery is that it is successful in a vast majority of time.

Is the procedure successful due to the expertise of the medical teams that perform this surgery or is it due to the prayers of God’s people.

That morning, I called the church office to ask how long Sherman’s surgery would take. I have forgotten what they told us 15 years ago. It should take three to three and a half hours.

I found out later that day that this gentleman went into surgery for a double bypass and had actually undergone five bypasses.

On Sunday, his wife was in church and gave praise to God that he was doing so well. I join her in her rejoicing about this latest health issue of theirs having such a good result.

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  1. It is all about God...HE answers our prayers and HE also gives the medical teams the ability and knowledge to do the work.


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