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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Honoring God

“Now to the King eternal, immortal,

invisible, the only God, be honor and glory

forever and ever. Amen.”

1 Timothy 1:17 (NIV)

Paul used these words as praise to God. He responded to the Lord as a way of showing appreciation for all the marvelous deeds He performed.

As God’s children, we should show our appreciation and respect of Him in any way we can.

What are some of those ways? 1.) His Word tells not to give up meeting together. 2.) We honor Him with our tithes. 3.) We extol Christ with our praises. 4.) We reflect Jesus in our attitudes. 5.) We work in tandem with God when we intercede for another in prayer.

We come to realize these avenues of honoring God as we grow in the Spirit. May we all learn more about the ways we can honor our King in the New Year.

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  1. Hi Quiet Spirit -

    I'd like to add: walking in obedience to Him and loving one another.

    Susan :)


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