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Monday, May 30, 2011

What Causes This?

I participated in a discussion online about the lack of modesty shown in young girls' clothing. Below are some of my thoughts.

When I shop, I see young girls’ clothing that makes me wonder. I see things that embarrass me. The styles of clothing for our tweens and our teens make me ask certain questions.

#1. Why do parents purchase these ghastly outfits for their daughters? I realize, I am not an authority on raising girls, my only child being a son. I can’t help but notice how distracting the clothing has become. A young girl sees her ‘idol’ wearing something she thinks is ‘cool’. She immediately wants to look like that celebrity. Young girl talks about wanting a certain outfit until she gets her way. Her parents want their daughter to be ‘happy’, so they don’t say the ‘bad word’; they don’t say, “No.” Parents have to remember their job isn’t to be their daughters’ friend. They are to teach these girls how to become ladies.

#2. Who pays for these clothes? Most tweens aren’t old enough to have jobs. A lot of teens only work part time. Clothes can be expensive. These days most parents have to be on a budget. It may help if they share with the daughters the reason behind this tool of living; it helps keep the family finances in order. If they want an item that is expensive, they have to save for it.

Back in my day, I had a mother who sewed and, when she didn’t have the time, she kept her eyes on the dress department at the store where she worked. I am glad she did these things for me. Nowadays, young girls seem to be the ones who are in charge and they get to dictate to the parents how they want to look. Why do parents allow their young girls to degrade themselves by looking like they do?

#3.What can be done about this?

As I see it, mothers have several options. Mothers could:

A. Spend time looking at the styles available.

B. Discuss the issues they see with their daughters.

C. Go shopping together and see what looks appropriate for the daughters.

Distracting clothing caused such an issue in our city’s public schools, the school board made a ruling in the spring of 2007 that all students would wear school uniforms. The boys’ uniforms consist of black, navy blue, or khaki trousers and a polo shirt in any color. The girls’ uniforms are slacks, skirts or jumpers in any of the same three colors with a polo shirt. These outfits can have only approved logos or markings on them.

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