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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Praise Him

“Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.

O Lord our God, as for all this abundance you have provided for

building you a temple for your Holy Name, it comes from your hand

and all of it belongs to you.”

1 Chronicles 29:13, 16 (NIV)

King David prayed to God, giving thanks for what He gave to build the Temple. He led those in attendance in praising God for His abundantly providing the needed supplies and furnishings for the edifice for worshipping Him. He verbalizes that all the things the people have given have come from God.

In my living room sits a wooden bookcase with doors. Our brother-in-law told me I could have it when he found out we planned to move into our home. When hubby refinished it, he chose to put Plexiglas instead of glass like it had originally. He didn’t want our son to fall into it and get hurt. I don’t believe anyone would know the ‘glass’ was a man-made product. As I wrote this, I realized that glass, while being fashioned by man, has natural elements from the earth in its makeup. I’m not sure of the ingredients in Plexiglas but, I believe, there could be some natural ingredients in it.

When we start up our computers, do we think of the elements of nature that man has harnessed in order for us to use our modern wonders?

Do we praise Him for the knowledge He has given our doctors and nurses, our pastors, our missionaries?

Can we think of anything in our lives that doesn’t ultimately come from God? Please think on this question for a minute or two before you answer.


  1. Everything comes from Him , yes! We do, however, not always use everything for His glory...
    Good post, thank you!

  2. Marja:
    Thank you for your kind words. Your thought of "We do, however, not always use everything for his glory." intrigues me. I'll be thinking on it the rest of the day.


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