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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Guidance for the Humble

God's Guidance through the storm
“He guides the humble in what is

right and teaches them his way.”

Psalm 25:9 (NIV)

Our Heavenly Father leads us if we approach Him humbly. He takes us by the hand and shows us the way through our lives and those crises that come upon us.

These difficult times could be personal in nature: health issues-physical, emotional, and mental; financial setbacks, family issues. God will guide us through anything we have that would wear us down.

While He guides us through these pitfalls, He teaches us how we should deal with such issues. God does this out of the grace and mercy He has for each of His children.

He teaches us in ways we will remember. Either God will lead us through the battle and maybe leave us unscarred or He might allow us to be left with a wound that will cause us to remember how He brought us through or the Lord will allow us to watch the event unfold from a safe distance.

God teaches us, His children, something every day, through each valley we go through, because He loves us and cares about us. Let us all come before His throne with humility and seek the guidance we need.

I recently had a physical-one that was to be an introduction to my new health coverage. One Friday, I received statements telling me what had been paid and what I may still owe. A quick tally of the outstanding amounts yielded a total that I found daunting. I made a phone call to the insurance to find out one particular claim turned into the insurance was denied. I had called just after the office that could help me had closed.

Monday morning, I called the insurance again to find out why the one particular claim had been denied. I notified my doctor’s office and received an 800 number to call the billing department, who listened and gave me another 800 number for the lab that submitted the claim. It seems my secondary insurance paid a portion of the claim after discounting the claim amount.

Tuesday, I called the doctor’s office and asked to speak to the same lady I dealt with the day before. I told her what I discovered and we finished the conversation. Later, the lady called me, she told me the claim that had been denied would be resubmitted and then she mentioned another claim on my account would also be resubmitted.

At no time in this series of phone calls did I feel it necessary to raise my voice-something unusual for me. I was stern but controlled. Maybe, just maybe, I have learned humility.


  1. We've had similar issues with insurance co's and dr's offices after my foot surgery, so I feel your angst. I and Jesus are proud of you for keeping your cool!

  2. I hope for a successful outcome for you. It's reassuring and comforting when we know that we've grown! That's motivation to keep going.

  3. Rhonda:
    Thank you for your kind thought. I haven't heard back from anyone yet. Do you know the saying, "No news is good news?"

  4. Hi Quiet Spirit -

    I find persistence is key when dealing with these situations. Eventually, you get to the right person, explain it in a way they can grasp, and it gets results.

    It's definitely good for developing patience!

    Susan :)

  5. Susan:
    Thank you for your kind advise. I understand about developing patience. We are warned NOT to pray for it. Sometimes we do and the Lord allows events to enter our lives that cause us to develop it. We think it's a gift but it really isn't.

  6. Jeanette:
    I just foun this on my dashboard. Thank you for your nice thought. I believe everyone who deals with others has this feeling of controled angst. I really appreciate you and your kindnesses.


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