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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Telling About Myself

My blogging friend, Rhonda, over at The Natives are Getting Restless, awarded me the Tell Me About Yourself award. She requested I share some facts about myself. I usually find this difficult. But these are some of the things that make me who I am.

Seven things about myself:

1.) I am an only child. When people find that out, I say one of two things. Either I say something like “Yes, I am one of those spoiled onlys.” But, I really wasn’t spoiled, just well loved. (The other thing I might say.) Just for the record, my dad was technically an only child as well. (But, he was raised with some cousins.) So, that means, I am an only; was brought up by an only and reared an only.

2.) I have a collection of china mugs from the places we have traveled to. In the past few years, our son has added to it. I even have one from Austria that Hubby gave a friend money to bring it back to me when she accompanied her neighbor on a trip.

My collection on display for others to enjoy.

3.) I love mysteries, reading them and watching them on TV. Perry Mason, Alfred Hitchcock, Ben Matlock, and Jessica Fletcher are some of my favorites.

4.) The police shows get my attention. It fascinates me to see how they ‘follow the evidence’ and find the perpetrator and a lot of times it’s not who I thought.

5.) I enjoy spending time with close friends. Sometimes my spending time may be just a telephone conversation. I am currently working in Children’s Ministries at our yoked churches. My part in this project is to portray Mary’s neighbor in Nazareth in a skit. This neighbor doesn’t believe that Jesus is who He is.

6.) Because of a caffeine sensitivity, I have to forego coffee, real tea, any cola, Barques Root Beer, anything with caffeine. I do like Dad’s, A&W, and Mug root beers. I also like lemonade, hot spiced cider and herbal tea. My current choice of candy is Lindor white chocolate truffles. Hubby has forbidden them in our house until Christmas-they are too good and too much of a temptation.

7.) I like to watch old movies, especially those I have seen before. I watch them to see if I can learn something different about the story or how the writers and directors have created it. Last night, we watched a movie from 1942. It was interesting seeing Carol Lombard, Jack Benny and a young Robert Stack play their roles.

I pass this award on to these wonderful blog writers.

1.) Dawn @ Beneath The Surface Dawn writes spiritual truths in a way that brings God’s Word to enlighten me in new ways.

2.) Glenda @Journey to Publication: I admire Glenda for her transparency. I know she is sincere in her thoughts.


  1. Dear Cecelia, you have made me want to cry today! I was feeing very discouraged and came to send one e-mail on the computer after my volunteer work at my daughter's school -when I saw your message comment in my in my e-mail. I am thankful for you, dear sister. I am an only child too! Appreciate your steadfast and "quiet" spirit! Do you like ANgela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote? Hub and I watch those. We love old movies too! My fave is Dial M for Murder! Love, to you - In His Grace, Dawn

  2. Lovely facts and favorites about your self; I am much too tempted by white chocolate myself!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog today! :)

    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Fun facts, Cecelia! I didn't realize Barq's root beer had caffeine...Interesting! I have one cup of coffee in the morning, and then I stay away from it the rest of the day. It likes to keep me awake at night otherwise. :)

  4. Dawn:
    Thank you for your nice comment. Yes, I love Angela Landsbury. Dial M is one of my favorite Hitchcock films. My other one is Rear Window. We get Alfred Hitchcock Presents on one of the cable channels. I believe it's 641.

  5. Denise:
    Thank you for stopping by. It was nice reading your blog. Come again any time.

  6. Sarah:
    Thank you for your thoughts.

    Yes, Barq's is produced by a company that seems to have caffiene in the majority of its products.

  7. So you're a mystery lover, too? I LOVE mysteries. I prefer the fiction ones, though, not the "what happened to the Oreos" and "who's dirty cereal bowl is that on the table??" You know what I mean.

    Waving and smiling,


  8. Rhonda:
    Yes, I am a mystery lover. When I was in grade school my aunt gave me her Nancy Drew books. I added to the collection. I had them for around 20 years. I gave them to a friend's daughter. Looking back on, my aunt may have had some of the earliest published ones. I don't know.


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