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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blessed with Sunshine


Count Your Blessings Month



“‘You are my lamp, O Lord;

the LORD turns my darkness into light.’”

2 Samuel 22:29 (NIV)

Because of the way God made me, I enjoy sunshiny days. An overcast day can send me into the doldrums-nothing seems to go as it should.

Several years ago I voiced my concern about having no sunshine for days on end one winter. It went like this:


   ME: Why doesn’t the sun shine? I’m getting tired of this.

   SON: The sun always shines. It’s the clouds that get in the way.


My son was in junior high school at the time. I didn’t consider him an upstart for this comment; he had heard it at church, so had I but it didn’t register.

One of the blogs I frequent had a question about how we managed through the overcast days of winter. I left the comment that I started out each day by spending time with God. This helps me more than I realized.


  1. Blessed with sunshine... I can relate to your concern... here in Holland we go days and days and sometimes weeks without sunshine in winter... it is very hard NOT to complain. But I have decided to seek his light each morning :)

    1. Marja:
      Thank you for stopping by. I like your thought of seeking His light each morning. I try to follow that same rule.

  2. I like your son's answer. I'll be happy to live in Heaven, where there's no need of sun, because Jesus' face lights the whole place!

  3. Jeanette:
    Thank you for stopping in. About heaven,I have days where I look forward to being there.


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