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Monday, November 5, 2012

Heaven Changes Everything Book Review


Todd and Sonja Burpo have written a devotional-reader containing inspirational thoughts aligned with sections of their first book, Heaven Is For Real. 

Each short chapter begins with an excerpt from Heaven Is for Real.then either Todd or Sonja expands on that excerpt. They wrap up each chapter by presenting a question or a thought to the readers and including a scripture verse.

 This book gave me a view of a family and their life after a medical involving their small child.

 What I read challenged, inspired and enlightened me. The Burpos gave me opportunity to think about the reality of heaven. I knew it existed but this book presented a few concepts I had not thought about before. The authors held my attention; Instead of pacing myself and taking a few days to study this book. I found myself starting it one day and finishing it the next.

 The Burpos present the devotional readings in a very casual, conversational way. They tell of the prayers that went up for their son and how one nurse decided “there [is]a God because this is a miracle.” At the end of each reading is a verse or passage of scripture that magnifies the topic of that section.
Iwould recommend this book to those who work with children, young parents serious in their faith, and children’s ministers.

     I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing through its Booksneeze program in return for a honest appraisal of this book.


  1. I love your short, well thought through and delivered book reviews. Thanks, Cecelia!

  2. Oh, goodness. I loved that book. I'd not heard they'd done a follow-up devotional.

    To this day, I still think of tidbits from the story. So encouraging! I'm glad you got your hands on this.

    1. Rhonda:
      I have to confess I haven't read the first one yet. I have it on my list to read. You will enjoy it. Their son tells them things that cause us to pause and think on.

  3. Thank you for the info, Cecelia. I wondered how it was, and now I know! :)

  4. Cecilia, I reviewed this book, too. I heard Todd Burpo speak about their experience writing Heaven Is for Real, and I was very impressed with him. As he said, he did not intend to write a book, but everyone who knew their story insisted that it needed to be told.

    My review of Heaven Changes Everything is here:

    1. Emily: Thank you for stopping by. Todd Burpo spoke at the ICWC a few years ago. I didn't get to go. I am thankful that they listened to God and to others and wrote of this miracle and the lessons they are learning.


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