Friday, December 7, 2012

Adoration RJD December 2012

(Taken from Journal 2/26/1997)

Adoration-that’s the devotional topic this week (disciplines for the inner life.) One writer says we use the word ‘adore’ to describe lesser and silly things. And that we have lost the practice of Adoration to God in “superficial wonder and feeling.” (Edward J Farrell)
Pastor Mike, a former pastor at a church we belonged to,  used to tell us we were to “Worship God for Who He is.” that we were to focus upon the person of God and not upon what He can do for or give to us.
Psalm 150 tells us to praise the Lord. The psalmist uses the word “praise” 13 times in six verses. A footnote told me that the phrase “Praise the Lord” in Hebrew is hallelia Yah. The English language has directly taken this Hebrew phrase and made it into one word.
God is Creator, pure, just, merciful, honorable, faithful, truth, liberator, and unifies His children.

Holy one, set apart 
All powerful, none stronger
  Liberator frees us from our sin.
 Life eternal, forever alive                                                                       
Everlasting, no end to God’s presence
 Love, unconditional                                                                       
Yokefellow, always beside us.
All Knowing
 Heavenly Father

As I prepared this journal entry, I received a phone call. One of the  ladies of our church l had passed away. On Monday, my visitation partner and I went to the hospital to make a call on this dear person. She told us that she had someone with her at all times; her Jesus was with her at all times. Before we left, we had prayer for her; then she had prayer for us. We who went to minister to her, received a great blessing.This lady is with the Lord as of November 30, 2012.  Her Celebration of Life service was Wednesday.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nativity Alphabet

Advent Thoughts
I was playing with these words one day and found I had some fun while I did this. I thought you all would enjoy this.

A is for Angels-God’s messengers
B is for Beasts-God chose 
C is for Counselor. Jesus is the best adviser we can have.
D is for Deliverer. Jesus delivers us from our sin.
E is for Everlasting- God’s love is eternal.
F is for Forever- Jesus will reign forever.
G is for Glory-To Him belongs all glory.
H is for Hallelujahs- Praises to the King.
I is for Immanuel, God with us
J is for Joy
K is for King of Kings
L is for Lord, A title of majesty and kingship.
M is for Magi, they came from afar to worship the Christ child.
N is for Nova, the bright star of Bethlehem
O is for Omnipotence, Omnipresence
P is for Prince of Peace- Isaiah 9:6
Q is for Quiet. We listen in the quiet for His soft whisper.
R is for Room in Our Hearts-Let us prepare room in our hearts for Him.
S is for Shepherds- participants in God’s plan
T is for Time- God chose the time for His Son to come to us.
U is for unction, an anointing from the Holy One.
V is for Victory- God’s Son gives us victory over the world.
W is for Wondrous Awe
X is for Exaltation- Exalt God for His wonderful Gift to us.
Y is for You and Me- Our Father sent His Son for you and me.
Z is for Zeal-Let’s prepare our hearts for Jesus’ coming with eager anticipation.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Yours Is the Day, Lord, Yours is the night/ Book review

Edited by Jeanie and David Gushee

The Gushees have brought together prayers from the earliest days of Christendom through 2012. The intent of the book is that believers in Christ will use these prayers as a spring board for times of personal devotions. A prayer for the morning and another prayer for the evening appear for each day of the year. Also the Gushees included information about the Lenten and advent season. Interspersed throughout the volume are pen and ink drawings of certain events in the Bible.
I have enjoyed reading this collection of prayers. One particular morning I read several prayers. As I read them, I felt the presence of God beside me. Early that afternoon, I had to straighten something out with a merchant in our town-they had charged me a fraction of the price on a purchase I had made. God was with me during my discovery and when I went to resolve the error. This book is very well formatted with a Calendar of the Movable Holy Days for the years of 2013 through 2017 at the beginning. The editors include an extensive bibliography as well as a useful index, arranged by author’s names.
I would recommend this book to anyone, clergy or laity, who is searching to draw closer to the Lord.
I received this book free from Thomas Nelson, Inc., through their BookSneeze program. All I had to do was read it and give an honest review.

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