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Friday, October 4, 2013

Consider: Trust RJD 10.2013

(Journal Entry 4/14/2004)

Read John 6:1-24


Jesus fed at least 5,000 people in spite of Philip and Andrew’s misgivings. Then the disciples set out to cross the lake to Capernaum. They had rowed a distance of three and a half miles. A strong wind picked up. Jesus came to the twelve, walking across the water.

Terror gripped the disciples. “Who is this? “It’s a ghost!” Jesus called out, “It is I; don’t be afraid.” The boat reached the other shore soon after.

My thoughts:

Jesus performed a miracle when he fed the 5,000. The disciples disbelieved they could find enough food to meet the need. They bring up reasons why they couldn’t do as Jesus asks. What comes across to me, for the first time is Phillip’s and Andrew’s lack of trust.

When the disciples crossed the lake, a fierce wind blew up. Then they see this ‘thing’ appear. They voice their fears but don’t realize it’s the Lord until he tells them not to be afraid. Fear took over when they should have been trusting.

I don’t trust Jesus enough. If I did, I wouldn't have times of doubt, anxiety, and depression. I recently made a card for Martha, a dear friend of mine. I included an acrostic of the word trust.

   Upon the

I need to print out a poster with this message for me. I need to practice what I preach! Since I sent her that card, David (her husband) had a very serious heart attack (X2). His outcome is very tenuous at this time.


My word for 2012 was trust. I learned more about a believer’s need to trust in Jesus as I walk with Him. Martha’s husband has done very well since then. He had another major surgery a few years later and did very well.

As I mature in Christ, I discover the futility of worrying, and fretting over things I can’t control. I have to begin each day with Bible reading and prayer. God makes each day and gives it to us. I try to honor Him by giving each day back to Him.

I wish every person I meet would learn to know Jesus as I do.

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  1. Oh Cecelia, what a encouragement you are to all who read your posts. Thank you for the update on your friend's husband. I'm so glad he's ok.

    I think as we get older, we get better at letting go, don't you? When I was younger, I thought I could do anything. Ha! Life sure teaches different than that, and I have learned to lean on him more.

    God bless you for your trusting heart! I'm sure he does.
    Happy Weekend,

    1. Ceil: Thank you for stopping in and thank you for your kind words. No only are we better at letting go, I believe we see things in a different light. I notice now, I can appreciate the looks of a car without harboring a desire to have one like it or a 'new' one. I can be happy for someone else who gets something new without the 'green eyed monster'stirring me up.

  2. Hi Cecelia, not sure if the comment I just wrote worked...strange so I will try again. Sorry if there are two, not sure what is going on with computer or google! Thank you for linking up! I do love your TRUST acronym, that is a blessing of a share. I think trust is like a muscle, as God allows it to be stretched it gets stronger. Hugs, Dawn

    1. Dawn: You are right, trust is a muscle, When God allows us to experience a time of stretching, we become sturdier and can stand taller. God is stretching me right now with the work I'm doing for the Christmas play.

  3. I really like that acrostic for TRUST! Such a good reminder that sometimes it is all about TIMING more than anything else. Susie

    1. Susie: Thank you for stopping by. We have to learn to trust God with the little things and, if it is His plan, He will take care of the large things as we want.

  4. Trust is a recurring theme in my life, too. I appreciate how prayer and Scripture and writing down what you learn from your readings in a journal become a practical application for living as well as a record of God's answers to prayer. I love how you started out with encouragement for your friend with the acrostic and then returned the gift to yourself.

    1. Kel: Thank you for your very kind thoughts. Thank you for stopping by. May God continue to bless you and yours.

  5. I really, really like that acronym, Cecelia! Thanks for sharing that.

    1. Rhonda: You are welcome. It seems to say it all. Thanks for stopping in,


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