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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Something Nice to See

This past Thursday, Hubby and I went to get our hair cut. On the way home, we stopped and ate at a fish place that had rebuilt after a fire completely destroyed the restaurant. As we come down our street, we looked in the western sky and saw a rainbow.

This picture resembles the one we saw. Yesterday evening I called a dear friend of mine and told her about it. Her grandson was there at the time and said he saw one yesterday morning.

This phenomenon is called a winter rainbow or a snow rainbow. It is caused by ice crystals getting before the sun. The sun shines through the crystals and causes the white sunlight to break into the colors we see in a rainbow in the spring or summer.

From what we can surmise is that these winter rainbows only happen when the temperature is zero or below.

My Hubby wanted me to post this picture and message here. J

Graphic: spacew.com


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you,we thought so. Our son sent mefour links to sites that talk about them.

  2. What caught my attention was this type of rainbow only occurs when it's below zero. Sometimes things in our lives are "below zero," and that's when God shines through the cold places.

    1. Susan: You make a good point. We fidn Him and His presence most precious when we have times of being bereft of anything pleasant.

  3. Beautiful! And I really like Susan's point about this. Great message, both of you.

    1. Rhonda: Thank you for taking the time to stop in. Susan is right God does shine through the cold places.


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