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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rest in Peace Mary Emma

I stopped in at the church office to get some room numbers of people who were in the hospital. Alice, the secretary on duty, asked if my friend Martha had talked to me in the previous hour. I replied she hadn’t.

Alice then told me the news, “Mary Emma Taylor had passed away.”

On my drive home, I thought about how old she was. “Ninety-one years old.” Later, I would look at the picture we have of her and her husband. He stood up with a friend when that friend got remarried. They were dressed up and smiling. I will remember them both that way.

When I arrived home, Hubby looked at me and I knew someone had told him. Martha had called; Loretta had also called. When I checked our caller ID, I saw that Vicki had called. I returned Martha’s and Loretta’s calls. When I tried Vicki’s number, I got her voicemail and left a message.

She and Bernard were married for 65 years. Her husband had predeceased her. Both of them had helped each other through several serious health crises and always had a great attitude. They helped those around them. Sometimes all she would do was listen. When she gave guidance, it was from her heart.

Those who knew and loved her will miss her. But, I see her standing by her house in heaven smiling her sweet smile and talking to all who pass by. I know that when any of us who knew her, worked with her, loved her will enter into heaven, she will be there waiting for us. In the meantime, she is in our cloud of witnesses, urging us on to do what God has planned for us.

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