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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Review:Doing the Right Thing

          Making Moral Choices in a World Full of Options
By Scott B Rae

Doing the Right Thing is a companion book to a film series by the same name produced by Chuck Colson.”(Page 11) Scott Rae felt the need to bring the information in the film series to the print medium.

This book looks at the moral decline and the ethical mess we as a nation have gotten into. The text of the book puts our ethical morass under a microscope to highlight the state our world has created.

This book helped me understand some of the issues we face in the medical field, the marketplace and in public life. It gave me a better vision of our world by making the distinction between an objective outlook, the way things are and a subjective outlook, the way we want them to be.

This book is a hard read. It will make the reader stretch to understand what points the author is making. This is a book I would recommend for pastors and seminary students and professors who want to see a positive change in the state of our world.

I received this book from Harper Collins Publishers through its BooklookBloggers program.

In return, I was asked to give an unbiased review of it. 


  1. Hi Cecelia! I appreciate your candid review...I think it might be a little too hard for me. But I would imagine that professionals would enjoy the fresh perspectives. I think everyone can get behind a book/movie that encourages us to step up and be a true brother or sister in Christ.

    1. Ceil: I have found that the non-fiction books I read cause me to stretch my mind and heart in order to grasp what the authors say.

  2. Thanks for the review. You are a prolific reader and faithful reviewer!

    1. Jeanette: Thank you. I enjoy reading as well a writing. I like the idea of sharing my thoughts on the new books that are published. Thans again for stopping in.


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