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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Seek and Rejoice

“Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.”
1 Chronicles 16:10 (NIV)

               King David committed the psalm (song) of thanks in which I found this verse. I have grown to love the section of this chapter(vv1-36). It is full of adoration and praise for Who God is.

               David tells his readers and listeners to “Glory in his name.” The Glossary in my Bible says this use of glory is to, “to worship and praise him for the qualities revealed.” (1)

               My favorite part of this verse is the next part. “let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.” God rewards those who seek Him
By letting them see Him at work in the lives of others. The 10-year-old girl for whom our church has been praying, decided she wanted to get baptized. I heard she had 17 members of her family surrounding her on that day. The church service also included a healing service for her and her brother.

               When we seek God and strive to follow His ways, we may see events through His eyes. He blesses us in innumerable ways. I keep a log of His gifts, those praiseworthy deeds, to me. Toward end of February, I noticed I had quite a few more than I thought I would have. When I read this verse, I realize I have been seeking the LORD more.      

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