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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Monday, June 20, 2016


            This is a different type of post for me. I am experiencing a sadness I cannot explain. I am presently reading two books-one for review and one for pleasure.

            The review book deals with grief. I found myself crying as I read it this morning. My intention was to give this particular book to a dear friend that facilitates a grief support group.

            My book for pleasure is one a blogging friend wrote and chose to share with me. The story is set in the future and deals with the difficult life of an extended family. I like the story. The main character deals with several tough circumstances in her life.

            I need to look at the why of my meltdown. I have just texted two of my friends, asking for prayer. (Later, both of them responded with positive thoughts.)
I see things going on around me that I believe are not as they should be but people accept these things as a part of life.

            I have not felt this low in a long time. Please pray for me.

        I wrote this last Monday.  After I wrote the above blog entry, I came to my computer and entered the previous three essays. As I edited and posted them, I realized that I felt lighter in my spirit. I thank you all for reading this. I believe I need to get back to what God intends for me to do─ write for His Kingdom. I have been feeling something was lacking for some time. I still ask for your prayers as I explore where He can take me on this journey.


  1. Writing is a kind of therapy. It helps you as you're writing. But, it also helps your readers when you share it. I'm sure others have had the same experience you're sharing today. Sometimes we think we must have a specific goal for our writing. But perhaps you need to do a lot of writing for your purpose to be revealed to you. Keep on!

    1. Emily: Thank you for your wise comment. In searching for something I needed for VBS this week, I found a binder I started a few years ago. I believe it will help me with one of those issues that seems to hold me back.

  2. I am sorry you have been feeling down, but am thankful to read on to see that you are doing better now. Praying for you, and praying that God will continue to lift your heart and carry your burdens. Rest in Him and stay focused on His Presence in your life. Sometimes we need to put down things that we read that may be causing us to become sad or depressed and pick up God's Word and get refocused. Or take a ride in the country or to someplace restful and enjoy God's beautiful creation around us. May God bless you and strengthen you each day.

    1. Pam;Thank you. I have good days and then I have better days. We are having VBS this week in the evenings. We had a storm go through on Monday evening just over an hour into the school. Today we have had a gentle rain but a storm is predicted for this evening.


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