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Friday, June 24, 2016

Time part 2

“a time to be born and a time to die”Ecclesiastes3:2 (NIV)

            When a mother-to-be begins to have labor pains, she verbalizes the thought she has by saying, “It’s time.” The message to her husband/significant other tells that her child will be born very soon.

            When an older person passes from this earth due to natural causes (after an illness) the family and loved ones realize, “it was his/her time.”
            I remember hearing we have our emotions backward during times of birth and death. We rejoice at the beginning of a life and we mourn at the end of one’s life. This thought caught me by surprise many years ago. The person went on to explain—if the departed person knew Jesus, he or she will be with Him in heaven, a definite cause for joy.

            However, when a child is born, that child comes into a world filled with sin and danger. Each of us should be alert to the things of this earth and concerned for those who come up against them.

            God is in control of when we enter this world, people love hearing about a new baby. He is also in command when a person departs this earth. When a person experiences severe injury due to the inhumane treatment by another, God may choose to take that person home and heal him or her in heaven. Sometimes, a person contracts an illness and the severity of that illness is such that an earthly cure is not available. God sends an angel down to his or her bedside and escorts them into their heavenly home.
            As I update this section, I am aware of a man who has a serious injury because of a fall he took and then was run over by a car that left the scene. This accident happened in the early morning hours on Father’s Day while he walked his dog. He was a musician and attempted to teach our son to play the guitar. I first heard something about this as a prayer request at church on Sunday. He has several injuries. Some of which may make it impossible to play the guitar again. Please pray for him. His name is Dan.

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