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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Monday, February 27, 2017

My Life This Month (February)


A gift last Easter, Cecelia Lester

           I gave out section two of my meditation manuscript to local friends for proofreading late last month and early this month.

A group of us are working together to present a Good Friday drama to our church. The practices are going well. I am the assistant director. I have worked on a newsletter item to publicize it to the congregation, a ‘teaser skit’ to spark enthusiasm, and the copy for the program. None of these things are new to me, I have done them before, although it’s been awhile.

            Early this month we received word that Hubby’s best friend’s mother was in ICU. She went to be with Jesus the next evening. Our son lives in the area, we were able to attend the funeral service as a family. Hubby and I were there the evening before the service for most of the calling hours. Our son came after he got off work.
            My visitation partner and I went to see those we see on the 13th. We took each of the five of them a little-stuffed teddy bear or a little-stuffed dog. I had also ordered some Christian Valentine tracts to put in their little gift bags. They all liked them. One woman was at an appointment. I called her to see if she received hers.

            We have enjoyed the warm weather we had. I even got to sit on my porch two afternoons.

            VBS meeting is at the end of this week. I will miss it because of Drama Practice. I have to reconstruct the attendance sheets. Because of my computer crash, I lost a lot of information. This time, I purchased an external hard drive. Oh, the lessons we learn from our mistakes!

We are having trouble with insomnia. Mine seems to be intermittent. Hubby’s is on a too regular basis. 


  1. So very sorry to hear of your hubby's friends mother's passing. So wonderful that you were all able to attend her funeral, and that you also got to visit your son at the same time. Happy that you've had a few warmer days...spring is definitely on its way. You are a busy lady these days. But it all sounds so good and positive. I am happy for you to have these opportunities! Praying for you and your hubby's insomnia. May need to ask your Dr. what is safe to take. I take a benadryl at night...and it helps with sleep and sinus at the same time...but ask your Dr. first. Shouldn't take if you are on certain meds. Praying God will give you the rest you need His way!! Have a blessed day...and get ready for March!!

    1. Pam: One of the authors I heard speak almost nine years ago is one of my Face Book friends. Every Monday, he asks his friends "How Can I pray for you?" This has been a blessing to so many of us. I told him about this insomnia issue. I managed to get sleep yesterday evening and again later at night. Thank you for your prayers.

  2. Hi QS - many thanks for your visit ... helping others is an essential in life - it's good to read your approach. All the best with the insomnia. Cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary: Thank you for stopping by. Yes, it is essential we help others as we go through life. Blessings for you and yours.


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