Friday, March 17, 2017

Jesus Assumes a Servant’s Role

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          John 13:1-17 

            Jesus, the possessor of all authority of God, washed the disciples’ feet. We wonder why He would do something that servants were expected to do.

            Our Lord knows of the upcoming betrayal and who would do it. He knew the hearts of the eleven others. Jesus modeled love to them. I am sure they were humbled by the Master’s deed. It must have been very personal to all of them.

            What was Jesus doing when He did this?
William Barclay indicates out that the Teacher makes an underlying point beside the visual image of foot washing.

            Our Lord showed them there is greatness by service, the only kind of greatness.He chose the most menial task to illustrate the point.  Anything else is selfishness. What are examples of service?

Volunteering for a task,
Visiting those who are ill,
Praying for others consistently.
Donating to ministries,
Working in ministries.

I look at this list and realize I have times when I  come up short in these areas. I want to do better but I also want to do as God wants me to do.


  1. We as Christians must take up our cross and follow Him...and that means we become servants to our Lord and to our fellow man. May the Lord give us a servant's heart so that we can be more like our Master Savior. It's not easy being a servant. We have the tendency to always want to be served...not to do the serving. So it is a life long lesson in humility and love. It takes love to serve. But Christ's love in us gives us the ability to be His servant to His people. Thank you for these thought provoking posts during this Lent season. You have put a lot of thought into them, and they are inspiring me to draw closer to the Lord as I put myself in the place of those who were actually with Him. Thank you.

    1. Pam: Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. Please forgive me for taking so long to respond. I didn't find I hadn't until today, six days later. I am so sorry.


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