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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Possible Thoughts of the Disciples


 John 16:5-16                                                                                   
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            “What is the Master saying?”

            “He speaks of our being persecuted because He chose us from those of the world. Why?”
            “They hated Him without reason?” Who would do that?”

            “How can this be for our good that he leaves us?”

            “He will send someone in his place, why? Why can’t He choose to stay with us?”

            “This new person will guide us? He will convict the world?”

            “Why does He not make sense to us?”

            The disciples heard Jesus speak of hatred, persecution, shunning, and killing of those who believe in Him. Questions arose in the disciples’ minds. Jesus’ words pierced their hearts, bringing grief to the forefront.

            We present-day Christians should look closely at His words and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten and strengthen us.

            What questions would we ask about how our world reacts to Christianity in our world today? Could it be possible that we may have the same questions? Or because we have information the disciples lacked, would we realize that because we belong to Jesus we will experience those same negative actions from the world?

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