Friday, June 2, 2017

Visit with Verna

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            I recently, enrolled in Five Minute Fridays. Here is my first post for that site.
            As a small child, I listened to a local radio program that brings back some found memories. The lady, Verna Whitworth, played the piano and sang songs for the children who listened to that station. I believe the station she was on was the only one our town had at that time.

            One time, my mother surprised me by taking me to the radio station. We waited until she came into the lobby and we got to meet her. She lived in a small town to the south of our town. She actually lived across the street from the house where my dad spent his formative years.

            I don’t remember her saying anything about the Lord. However, I believe she was a godly woman. When I entered the first grade, I had to stop listening to the program because she came on at 12:30 in the afternoon and I had to be back at school from lunch by then.

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  1. I am certain that was an exciting visit for actually meet someone you had only heard on the radio, and to see her in person! I wonder if she looked like you expected her to look? What kind of songs did she sing? Were they Christian songs, nursery songs, or just fun songs? I can tell it was a happy memory for you...a part of the very formative years of your childhood. Thank you for sharing that little bit of history with us! I wish you had longer than 5 minutes to tell us more!! That was very enjoyable!

    1. Pam:Thank you for your warm thoughts. As I remember, she was a grandmotherly type person. When my dad told us one time that Verna lived across the street from where he grew up, I asked if he had played with her. He told me she was an adult back then.

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    3. Pam: here is are a few links to some more information about Verna. (this one has a picture of her.)

    4. Thank you for this additional info! She must have been a very special lady indeed. Such a special childhood memory! I like that one person said she sang "itsy bitsy spider", which is one of my favorites from childhood.

    5. She also sang " O, Little Playmate" Here's a link to it. It is precious,


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