Wednesday, December 13, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. . . .

I have had this old standard Christmas song on my mind several times so far this season.  I have done some decorating that I haven't really done in quite some time. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

This is on our front door. I used to make wreaths and had a nice wreath hanger. When we refurbished our enclosed front porch, it went by the wayside. I found this hanger at Dollar Tree. I got the idea for this from fellow blogger Pam Steiner.

This is my version of an advent wreath. The greenery is part of a garland I purchased at Walmart. I used the rest of it to make the front door wreath. The major expense I had with this was the four colored candles. 

Back in the summer, we went to an antique store in southern Indiana. I found this unusual glass basket with a movable handle on it. I have had it sitting on our coffee table empty most of the time I have had it.  The ornaments are gold with a cardboard peace dove sitting in the middle. Please excuse the cardboard behind it. I had no other place to keep it, it is my display board for book signings. This sits on my grandmother's cedar chest. The doily was made by my great aunt, one of her sisters.

Above our couch, we had a piano window that had a replacement insert. Hubby thought the gold balls would look nice up there. It took us three different times trying to get them hung on the wire. The gold balls are new but the thing in the middle is a leaf-shaped red ornament from my childhood. IT also has gold glitter on it to show the veins.

This is a picture from last year of my little Christmas tree. It measures about  18" tall. And is easy to store, I put it away each time I use it and leave the ornaments on.  I haven't got it out yet. I have to decide what to do with the items that are on the table. BTW, the table is believed to be a Duncan Phyfe library table that was originally my dad's grandmother's.  It was in my childhood home and came to me when we had to place Dad in a nursing home.


  1. Lovely decorations, and I see your creative juices flowing! Happy Christmas to your family, dear sister.

    1. Jen: Thank you for your thoughts. I have felt better this year than since who knows when. Two years ago, I came home from the rehab center on Dec 22. Hubby did the decorating that year. It was very nice of him to do it.

  2. I love your decorations...and that little tree on the antique table is perfect!! Love the little table. That glass basket with the gold ornaments and dove is exquisite! What is a "piano window"? Never heard of that before! Please inform me!! Merry Christmas. I love your door wreath that you say I inspired! Thank you! You are kind to mention wreath making is simple at best. But it is fun to do.

    1. Pam, thank you for your kind words. A piano window sits at the top of a wall,next to th ceiling. It is often at least 6' wide and narrow. There was one in the house I grew up in. They did not open. We chose to replace ours in order to get some air in out living room.


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