Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June-July Events at Our House

 I'm just sneaking in here to share some photos with you.

                                Our rock garden is ready to celebrate the Independence Day 2017 holiday.


                                     As is our pump in our side yard. This pump is from the farm where Hubby grew up.We've had it here almost as long as we've lived here.


        Hubby called me out on the porch to see this sunset. I snapped a couple of pictures and then called a friend who lives a mile or so south of us so she could see this beautiful gift from God.

 Our new couch arrived in mid-June. It's teal. Hubby picked out the color. (Honest, I did not coerce him.) We keep a color co-ordinated sheet over the bottom cushions in an effort to keep them clean. This was part of my Mother's Day presents.


              Last week was Vacation Bible School. This cross contains the names of all the kids and the workers. It reminds us that God loves us. The pastor asked us at the registration table to write the name of each child on separate index cards. Each name is encircled with a heart.We also did the same with the workers' names.We had 46 children. There are somewhere between 87 and 90 names on this cross.

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