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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Johnny's Home Is Ready

He came to our church through his volunteering at a food kitchen. One of our ladies ran it for a few years. He became sick and asked some help from one of our men who also helped out there.

When he started attending church regularly, he lived at a local nursing home. Before he became a resident there, he was homeless. His health improved and he got right with God. He started having a Bible study among his fellow residents at the nursing home.

He gave testimony of being healed of his disease. He also shared with the church family how God had helped him through some tough days.

When he was able, he attended midweek Bible Study at church. A gentleman who knew his family as they were growing up would bring him. He would stay and participate in Prayer Fellowship, a time devoted to praying for salvation for the lost.

His illness returned a few months ago. His prognosis was not good. When we saw him come into the church, we all received a blessing. When I would see him in the foyer of the church between services, I tried very hard to share a smile with him and speak to him,to make him feel welcome.

I had to go over to the church office this afternoon. As I waited for the secretary to return, someone told me, Johnny died this afternoon.

I know Johnny is in heaven. I know God sent him to our church for a reason. I believe each of us have a mission while we are on this earth. I believe God decided Johnny had completed his.

All who knew Johnny have been made aware of the plight of those in his position. All of us have been humbled by the faith of this man.

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  1. What a tender heart the Lord has given you. I know that is not a gift that is easy to recieve. A tender heart is a broken heart.

    I'm glad I clicked on your link at TWV2.

    Grace and Peace,


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