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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In my reading of other blogs today, the thought of emotions came to me. We are emotional creatures. Since God made us. (read Psalm 139), he made our emotions.

As a child and even a young adult, I would tear up and cry at anything hinting of sadness. What I heard from my elders was not especially helpful,(It's not that bad. There's no need to cry,etc.)

Fifteen years ago, I was in a very emotional stretch. I had been off and on for close to three years. The issue was larger than life to me. None of my close friends could help me. I was ashamed of how I would react to things. I started to pull away from activities because of how I could react.The pastor we had at that time directed me to read the 139th Psalm for seven (7) days.

I read it for the seven days and found some very beautiful and very deep thoughts. The one that stays with me is GOD KNOWS OUR EMOTIONS, HE MADE THEM. WE SHOULDN'T BE ASHAMED OF THEM.

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